Special Announcement – Jatzu Lam

Our next photographer is Jatzu Lam! Very pleased to have them on board for this year’s event😄 📸

“Hi~ Jatzu here, I’m a hobbyist photographer with a passion for capturing candid shots of the things I see around me. I predominantly work with toy/still life photography and becoming immersed in bringing small worlds to life, but I also enjoy attending events and being able to capture people in their varied environments and individual styles and the candid reality of moments that surround people. The contrast between the challenge of bringing life and character to toy/still life objects and the unpredictability surrounding the high pace of capturing the life in candid forms has always intrigued me.

I find inspiration for my photography in Asian culture; particularly in art, Ball Jointed Dolls, and the vibrant and dynamic range of street styles that have become popular in the West and can be found on the streets of London. However when not behind the lens, I enjoy drawing, reading manga, and plenty of sleep.”

Tumblr: www.tzumation.co.uk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jatzu_lam/

As mentioned before, you can find the photographers via their handy sashes. Don’t forget you can ask them to take a snap for you… it’s why they are there!



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