Special Announcement – Emily Valentine


How is everyone’s packing coming on? I’m almost done after going through 3 different sized suitcases, thinking I could get away with the smallest, then the not quite smallest and so on.

Tonight we are pleased to announce another addition to our crack team of talented photographers

Emily is a freelance photographer with a passion for photographing fashion. She works for pop culture mag MyM Magazine (the editorial arm of MCM Comic Con) as their Fashion Watch editor and will be featuring this year’s event in the September issue. Last year she interviewed the Tea Party Club team, and this time around she’ll be focusing on Angelic Pretty.

As well as snapping fashion, Emily is also an events and portrait photographer who loves capturing people’s natural beauty and personality through the lens. You can connect with her @emily_v_photos on Instagram and Twitter and via her website www.emilyvalentine.online

Our photographers will be easy to spot as they will have a sash on identifying them. Please make sure you get your pic taken, and be good to them, because, you know, they will be editing your pics…just saying


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