Special Announcement – Catberry Photography


Howdy people, how people, how is the packing going – are you procrastinating like me?

Well, my break in packing this time is legitimate. We are happy to announce one of our crack team of hot photographers, armed and ready to capture you in your finest. Please welcome Catberry Photography

Rossi (aka Catberry Photography) is a cosplay and fashion photographer from London. She has been fascinated with photography since childhood, transitioning into the digital sphere when she received her first DSLR at 14. Since then, she has been studying digital art alongside a career in video games.

Rossi is always striving to fully embrace her love for fashion and the visual image. Her work has been published in several magazines and she maintains close ties to the video game industry, who regularly make use of her keen eye and playful yet gothic aesthetic. She admires the work of Tim Walker and fine art, constantly seeking to learn more about lighting and technique to achieve her vision.

You can see her portfolio onwww.catberryphotography.com

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