Guest announcement – Maki and Asuka from Angelic Pretty


We are pleased to introduce our first guests; Angelic Pretty’s Maki and Asuka to DMC!

Two of Angelic Pretty’s lead designers (and most well-known in the public eye) are Maki and Asuka. Maki started working for Angelic Pretty in 2003, whilst Asuka started working at Angelic Pretty in 2001. Maki went to a fashion oriented high school and studied illustration afterwards at a vocational school. Asuka went to vocational school for clothing and accessories. She designs shoes, bags, and parasols as well as handles press work for the brand. Maki designs the prints for dresses and socks, and is also in charge of choosing the textiles.

Maki and Asuka will be joining us for a Q&A session amongst other special event activities. (Start thinking of questions you would like to ask them now!) You will have a chance to visit Maki and Asuka at the Angelic Pretty shop room, and Gold Ticket holders will get opportunities to have their photo taken with both designers!

Stay tuned for more amazing announcements!


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