Extras unlocked!

Lolitas! Are you ready to celebrate??!!!

We have sold 🌟over 300 tickets🌟 so all extras have now been unlocked! 🎉

🎁 Gold ticket holders will be able to book time slots to ride in a horse drawn Victorian wagonette through the streets of London. A few lucky few gold ticket holders will even join our special guests on their journey!

🎁 Tea (and coffee!) receptacles! All Gold and Silver ticket holders will receive a special commemorative mug in their goodie bags! We last did these at Regalia and they were super popular, so look forward to being able to drink hot drinks in style even after the event.

🎁 Photo booth! Step in with your mates and take silly picks ahoy during DMC! This is open to every single attendee and you’ll receive the pictures straight away to take with you. We last saw a photo booth at a TPC event during Revelry (that time including fancy backgrounds, Metamorphose backgrounds and the Old Spice Guy holding a kitten) so if you didn’t attend you’re in for a treat!

🎁 Extra gifts on the table! Throw it in the bag! We’re adding a small extra gift on top of those already planned for every attendee at the tea party.

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