Event announcement – Michaela’s Fashion Fix

Evening everybody – are we hyped yet? And what about all those funky DMC dreams floating about?

Well tonights announcement is not a dream, well, actually, it probaly did start off as a dream of mine.

Oh yes

Tonight I’m super pleased to announce that Michaela’s Fashion Fix will be back – this year with an added TRIPLE FORTUNE spice!

Babi and Kaie will be joining Kyra and I to try and identify the oldest items of our amazing model’s outfits, this is to tie in with the whole 10 years of TPC (did you know, we are 10)?

So our fashion fix needs some amazing models to sashay down that catwalk – probably to Ru Paul tunes let’s be honest!

Are you fierce?

Models are not required to wear anything different at all because let’s face it, you guys will be dressed A-MAZING, we just need bodies, well-dressed bodies.

The well-dressed bodies arrive 15mins before the start of the fashion fix so I can run through the order and such

Join me and Kyra and our new BFF’s Kaie and Babi and email teapartyclub@ymail.com with subject MFF!

Def sign up if you can death drop!


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