Donation Announcement


Hello! We have a wonderful announcement tonight – thanking world’s best shopping service Tenshi Shop for some generous donations 

Tenshishop is a Japan based shopping service and your ticket to hassle free shopping for all your favorite Japanese brands and goodies! Tenshi has around 8 years of experience running her one-woman shopping service and online shop, all of which has been made possible by her awesome shoppers. She thanks you for your continued support, and is ready to help you shop anytime!

Plus! All model announcements have now gone out! If you didn’t receive one we encourage you to try again in the future  if anyone modelling has difficulty joining the model group please contact Mica Baker to be added

ALSO! 10 amazing years! Do you have any photos of past events, anniversaries and fashion shows the TPC has held? Any memories you want to share or thank you’d like to give? We’re composing a trip down memory lane and would love your contributions! Please email


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