Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are SOLD OUT. You can buy or sell second hand tickets here: https://www.facebook.com/events/162664110840643/permalink/288126624961057/


I want to sell my ticket. What do I need to do?

Please note, although you are welcome to sell your ticket if you are unable to come, you are not permitted to sell it for any more than you bought it for.

Each ticket has a unique code, all you need to do is forward it to your buyer. If it is a Sunday tea party ticket please let your buyer know to contact us (teapartyclub@ymail.com or on the dietary requirement forms on the Sunday general information pages) if they have any dietary requirements. Additionally, if you’ve already put in a dietary request, please let us know so we can remove your requirements from that ticket.


Something’s come up last minute and I’m no longer able to attend – can I get my goodiebag or raffle prize?

Please think of goodiebags and raffle prizes as more like perks of attendance rather than purchasable items. We simply do not have the time or the means to record, reserve and post (especially internationally) unclaimed event gifts.

We do as much as we can to make the event as amazing and enjoyable on the day as possible for you, including providing a whole host of extras for Gold Dream and Silver Masquerade attendees; including early entry, champagne reception, exclusive event tote bag and goods etc, valued far higher than the extra cost on top of a GA ticket. Additionally, whilst TPC raffles always have an amazing number of awesome prizes, they are (free!) prizes and not part of your ticket cost – there’s no guarantee you’ll win!

That said, if you send your ticket to a friend we will allow them to pick up your gift bag and collect any winning raffle prizes on your ticket


How do I get to 116 Pall Mall/One Whitehall Place?

116 Pall Mall / One Whitehall Place


I want to take a picture with or speak to one of the guests, is it possible?

Of course! TPC brings fabulous guests from Japan and around the world for you, the fans, so we’d never stop guest interaction! Please feel free to speak to or ask for a picture from our guests at the tea party or when they are at their stall. Because of time limitations and amount of people though we can only formally organise and guarantee photos for Gold Dream ticket holders.

If a guest has time, don’t be shy! Please ask for a photo! We would ask you to respect our schedule though, and may need to interrupt queues to collect guests for events and announcements throughout the two days


I have a gift for one of the guests, can I give it to her?

Yes, please feel free to just give it to her on the day! Unless you would like to present it to her on stage, in which case please find a member of TPC staff and we’ll arrange this for you.


I have another question not answered here

Please email us! teapartyclub@ymail.com

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