About the Tea Party Club

The Tea Party Club or ‘TPC’ is the UK’s lolita community. Founded by Kyra in 2007 we’re now approaching our 10th year; which this is a mega celebration of!

The TPC believes strongly in both:

  • Creating amazing events and occasions for UK lolitas and anyone who wants to visit the UK
  • Supporting and forming friendships with related fashion companies and designers around the world

Meetups are organised off our facebook page mostly in London but we include links to all local communities around the UK so you can easily find lolitas and meetups in your area

Please join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/194227197296962/

In 2013 The TPC took a huge step in creating Street Fashion Europe, an organisation which unites similar communities from across Europe and holds an event in a different country each year, building off the knowledge and experience developed from the TPC and each member community. SFE shares much of its values with the TPC but is more broadly orientated in Japanese fashion in general.

Notable achievements have been:

2016 Wicked & Whimsy

We welcomed guests Haenuli Shin of Korean fashion brand Baroque, Fumiko Kawamura of Japanese brand Enchantilic Enchantilly, Mana Kim of Korean brand Baroque and Ayumi Watanabe of Japanese brand RoseMarie seoir.

2015 Regalia

Our largest event so far welcomed guest Yumi Fujiwara from Innocent World, as well as Ayumi Watanabe from RoseMarie seoir.

In the beautiful 116 Pall Mall we had space for an amazing photo booth designed like the wardrobe from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, with a snowy background, dear and rabbit. We also had a VIP room, two shopping rooms and a bring and buy!

2014 Revelry

Our 7th year anniversary was held in the beautiful and historic Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn. We welcomed guests:
Metamorphose and head designer Chinatsu Taira for her first trip abroad
Gothic & Lolita Bible and new head editor Toshie Mihashi
Ai Akizuki; Japanese lolita model and spokesperson
Grimoire and CEO Hitomi Nomura
Syrup and designer and owner Ayumi Watanabe in her first international appearance

2014 Enchanted

The first SFE event was hosted in London by the Tea Party Club in the gorgeous historic old bank Gibson Hall. We welcomed guests:
Atelier Pierrot and CEO and designer Yuko Ashizawa
Artist and shironuri model Minori
Sweets artist KUNIKA in her first international appearance
Grimoire and CEO Hitomi Nomura
Lorina Liddell represented by Yumi Hirokawa from Uplift Tokyo

2013 Frock On!

Lolita convention styled event with plenty of shopping and stage shows including tutorials on posing, bow tying, shopping online and a Gok Wan styled ‘Michaela’s Fashion Fix’ pitting off-brand against brand coordinates. We hosted brands and indie brands from around the world including Grimoire’s first overseas appearance and CEO Hitomi Nomura

2012 The Tea Party Club’s 5th Anniversary (known as JetJ)

The first Juliette et Justine brand party and one of the first and largest fan organised events worldwide, this is the event that inspired many other people worldwide to take the plunge into organising large fan organised events and also borrow our format!
Guests included:
Juliette et Justine including head designer and owner Mari Nakamura and three members of staff
Gothic & Lolita Bible and head editor Mariko Suzuki
Famous doll artist Koitsukihime. Koitsukihime designed BtssB’s famous original stained glass print and creates dolls which sell for 1,000,000 yen! Koitsukihime kindly brought some of her creations along to show us
Makeup artist Akira ‘Tony’ Tanaka. Tony Tanaka has worked on Hollywood movies and generously donated three amazing high quality makeup sets.

The event involved a design contest open worldwide where two designs were made into real Juliette et Justine dresses and sold
a Gothic & Lolita Bible illustration competition also open worldwide
Two ticket holders who were picked for the fashion show becoming models for Juliette et Justine

2010 Tea party with Misako Aoki and KERA magazine

The Tea Party Club hosted and organised a tea party for model Misako Aoki and editor of KERA magazine when they were in London for Hyper Japan

The TPC has also worked with

  • The Japanese Embassy
  • The V&A museum
  • Hyper Japan
  • The Anti Design festival

and has featured in the GLB, KERA magazine, Vivienne Westwood World’s End blog and Japanese broadsheet newspaper the Asahi shimbun

Get in touch with us at teapartyclub@ymail.com or through the form below

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