Travel and accommodation information

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Travel in London

London has very good public transport and is connected by underground/subway trains, which we call ‘The Tube’, overground trains, and buses.

It is cheapest to:

buy an Oyster card which you can buy from ticket offices at any station or from some ticket machines. You can add a weekly travelcard (£33 for zone 1-2) or just keep topping up from the machines in the station to ‘pay as you go’. Oyster cards have a daily cap of £6.60 a day (zones 1-2), so you’ll never pay more than that a day.

Use a contactless debit or credit card which will work as an Oyster card. Just touch it to the reader. This will automatically cap at £6.60 daily or £33 weekly.

If you live outside of London you can get a visitor oyster card posted to you:

If you’re coming for the day you can add a paper travelcard to your train ticket. You can also use your student/young person’s railcard discount on an all day travelcard (UK residents only).

Buses are now cashless, you need to have an Oystercard, paper travelcard or contactless debit or credit card to take a bus. You touch the reader when you get on but do not need to touch out. You need to touch both in and out when taking the tube or train

London has a lot of night buses that run 24h so it’s easy to get back home after a night out! Walk to a bus stop and find your destination on the list and it will tell you which stop you need to go to and the bus number.

We finally have night tubes! The Victoria line, Central line, Jubilee line, Northern line and Picadilly line are 24h Friday and Saturday nights. Tubes run approximately every 10 minutes during the night on these lines Friday and Saturday.

For planning journeys around London makes it easy and you can also pick up a map at any station.

If you’re lost, pop into a tube station and talk to one of the staff there. They’re a wealth of helpful information!

citymapper is a much recommended travel app!

Travel to London (UK)

Sign up for email alerts from your local train company to be notified when cheap tickets go on sale and as soon as they do, buy them! We always have people missing out because they didn’t book trains and now can’t afford them, don’t be that person! 🙂

Also checkout Mega Bus/Mega Train and National Express Coaches

Travel to London (International)

The easiest way to get to the centre of London if you can easily get to Paris or Brussels is by Eurostar. Buy your ticket soon before the prices rise and look out for special offers. It’s often much cheaper to buy a ticket if you’re in the US ($69 compared to £69!) so if you have a friend there who can buy for you or you can use a proxy to trick the site then it might be worth doing that

There are 5 1/2 London airports (read for explanation)

This is the most central airport and connects straight onto the DLR (Docklands light railway). The DLR is like the tube (same payment etc) but runs overground, is a bit slower and is driverless. It connects to the tube and overground network. If you can find cheap flights to London City this is the best airport to go to.

Largest and second most convenient airport, Heathrow connects directly to the Piccadilly underground line which will take you into central London. The line gets very busy as you get closer to the centre so please be courteous to others if you have lots of luggage.
You can also get the Heathrow Express to Paddington but it costs a lot more

Gatwick is the second biggest airport, there are good train services into London. You can now use your Oyster Card or contactless debit/credit card to get to Gatwick!

Stansted and Luton are mostly served by low cost airlines

You can take a train to St Pancras which takes 25 minutes and costs around £15
Or you can get a bus which will take around an hour and cost between £2-£10


The cheapest way to get to and from there is by coach and by booking in advance. This will take about 1h 40mins and cost between £2 – £10

You can also get a train from/to Liverpool Street. This costs between £12 (advance) and £20


This is the half. Southend is a seaside town on the east coast of the country, it is not near London but this new airport is sometimes called ‘London Southend’.

It will cost around £15 and take about an hour to get to Liverpool Street station

To find the cheapest flights we suggest you use
Again, it might be cheaper to have a friend in a different country book your ticket or use a proxy. It’s often cheaper to book two tickets together than a single ticket too.

Staying in London

Hotels in London are generally pretty expensive. We recommend using although there are some cheap hotels and hostels to be found! Being on the Picadilly line would be simplest for travel as both of our venues can be accessed by this underground line.

London is generally a very safe city. Please take care of your belongings as you would in any large city though, especially in crowded tourist areas like Camden and Leicester Square where there may be pickpockets.

We have great food of almost every variety except our own, ha ha! Sadly it’s quite hard to find good fish and chips in the centre. If you’re willing to travel out a little way though you’ll have better luck.

I recommend and for Indian


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